This will be a repository of known information on the various races of the world.
Races in Green are playable

Races of Alon-Dar:

Dragonborn, with their Loyalty. Created by the gods to ensure that all disputes are settled fairly and justly. They roam the lands, hearing cases and deciding justly. With their diligence, and hard work, there has never been a war on Alon-Dar soil.

Humans, with their Curiosity. Often seen as wreckless by the other races. They worship any god and are more than willing to argue amongst themselves. They also seem to be the only race that exhibits greed though only just so. Humans seem to be the only race particularly interested in the Oceans. They enjoy building ships of all shapes and sizes, fishing, pleasure boating, racing and a few even enjoy mock battles which is nothing more than a few men trying to tip another boat over, or steal a flag tied to their mast.

Dwarves, with their Wisdom. They mine the earth and are the most adepts with metals of all sort. They live above ground, in small mounds of stone(left overs from their small pit mines used to gather their raw metals.) Without a need to defend themselves there is no need to live underground.

Elves, with their Intelligence. They live in houses built around large trees on the forest floor using the natural canopy as a shelter against the elements. They are stewards of nature attempt to stay in contact with it, no matter how much the world around them progresses. Seeing themselves as above thoughts of jealousy and shame, they are often seen as lusty by the other races, as it is not uncommon to see an elf, either male or female, running around the woods in only a loincloth.

Halflings, with their Hunger. They love food, and games above all else. It is believed that the first duels were created by halfling using old blunted farming tools. While each race grows an ammount of it’s own regional foods, Halflings make up the difference, and are more than happy to trade.

Half Elves, When a mommy elf/human and a daddy elf/human love each other very much…


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