How Characters might have learned skills on Alon-Dar

Melee skills ( only the most basic of which) might have been learned from the game of “dueling” which consisted of two or more people ( Usually Halflings and Humans) fighting with blunted farm equipment so as not to cause any true harm to the opponent. Also, Men on boats are known to play games of trying to Sink each others boats by dumping their owners in the water, or for larger ships, stealing their flags.

Ranged skills, could be learned from Hunting, and competition shooting, of the small target, and from horseback variety.

Divine characters will likely have learned their basic skills from their priests, which are well respected on Alon-Dar. A close relationship with a god, might cause some unique reactions among devout followers when they are removed, and can no longer feel them…

Arcane characters will not know spells, as Arcane magic is largely muted on Alon-Dar, not gone, but nothing more than floating feathers, lighting a candle, perhaps making a knocking sound is capable, the knowledge has simply been lost, and not sought after by many.

Primal characters will have overt abilities, to begin with… but perhaps there is more to them then meets the eye…

Rogues… May have learned lock-picking skills from playing with toys created by blacksmiths for fun, usually logic puzzles, but sometimes more mechanical. Stealth, just from playing hide and seek, or games of that variety. Trap making, not likely… Rope work would likely have been learned as a fisherman, or at least a net maker or something of the like.

How Characters might have learned skills on Alon-Dar

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