Owen K. Reechani

A large brute of a man, loves the sea, quick to anger, quick to fight, but has a teddy bear side as well.


Height: 6’6"
Weight: 275lbs
Race: Human


Owen is a Seaman by trade. All of his life has been spent on the sea or along the shore of Alon-dar. When he was a child he would gaze out into the sea and wonder what was beyond the next horizon. Always big a a child he had to be careful not to hurt anyone smaller than himself. His main issue always had to be with his temper. If you stay on his good side he can be your closest companions but when his temper flare a rage overcomes him like nobody in his village has ever seen before. His reputation grew from his bouts of anger.

The sea was the only thing that Owen has had in his life that he could take is rage out on. He has tried four times to venture towards the unknown over the Sea of Tears only to be forced back by the storms. The simple fact that he cannot get through urges him on even farther and the fact that Owen has his mind set against the storm sends chills through the common folk of his village.

Owen K. Reechani

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