Terren Vorr


Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 176 lbs
Age: 26
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Male
Race: Human


Terren Vorr was the third child to Sandra and Alex Vorr. Both were farmers, raising crops of wheat and corn, as well as cows, chickens, pigs, and horses. They were happy with their lives, and Terren’s older brother and sister (Tambren and Allicia) were happy to become farmers in their stead. Terren, however, was not.

Terren found life as a farmer boring. He wanted adventure, excitement. But unfortunately, such things did not exist in the peaceful life that they held. There was no true danger to be found, no hostility anywhere! But at the tender age of twelve, Terren found something to keep his mind occupied. As he was taking a walk through the woods, Terren heard heavy breathing and the sounds of steel clashing against steel a short distance away. He rushed to the sounds, and in a small clearing there was half a dozen young men, ages varying from their late teens to early twenties. Two of them were standing across from one another, battling with long hunting knives. The blades had clearly been ground dull, and the tips were rounded, as to not truely harm one another. But it was the most magnificent thing Terren had ever seen! He approached the young men, who gladly took him under their wing to join what was to become a rather large group in the coming years.

Terren took quickly to the sword, studiously practicing each and every night. What a novel concept, learning to defend oneself in a battle when such things never occurred! But there were stories of old, tales of men battling demons, and huge feral animals that seemed the stuff of nightmares. Terren longed for those days. He longed for the danger, the excitement of being a true adventurer, rather than the son of two old farmers, who seemed destined only to plow fields and raise cattle.

“Why am I doing this?” Terren frequently asked himself, whilst dodging an overhead blow, or parrying another young mans’ blade to the side. But he knew why. He felt, in his heart of hearts, deep within his soul, that the sword was his calling. But for what? One could not successfully hunt with a sword, nor was there any true danger, or wars to be fought!

By the time Terren was sixteen, the sport of dueling had caught on. Many young men and women were now brandishing these long, dulled blades. They carried them at their sides, as if a symbol of something greater. They nodded greetings to a fellow duelist on the streets, and duels would spontaneously spark up during conversation, or supper at the inn, entertaining most, appalling some.

“Why do you do this?” some would ask.

“Because it is my calling,” Terren would answer.

Terren Vorr

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