Lothiriel Súrion

A light-skinned, lilac-eyed elven female.


Gender: Female•br/>
Age: 52
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 85 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Purple
(lit. “blossom”) is pronounced (Loth-ear-ee-ell)


Before you stands a light-skinned, lilac-eyed elven female. Her lustrous, chocolate hair frames the delicate features of her face and brushes the top of her slender shoulders. Though her complexion is flawless, her skin softly blends from light peach to creamy white in color. Even though her bright, lavender eyes are partly hidden behind several stray locks of her chestnut hair, they appear to shine with intensity as they take in her surroundings. A small, slender nose, high, aristocratic cheek bones and full, pink lips make up the other elements that compose her face. Her slender body is toned, and with her long, muscular legs, has an athletic build. Though shorter then most of her kin, her long legs and lithe figure give her body a form that is definitely elven in appearance.

Lothiriel is always wandering as part of a scout party. She has two children and a long time lover who are staying on the island. Her insatiable wanderlust causes her to be very restless. She is adept with the use of the bow and arrow and knife, as well as quite proficient in needle work, weaving and carving.

Her children are a boy who is 18 and a girl 16. Her son is in politics and governance with his father an official ambassidor to the other races. Her daughter is training with the beast master and scouts. While visiting the humans with her family she hears the rantings of Bradford Hughes and is inspired to seek a solution for what she belives to be an eventual over population problem as well as an oppertunity to sate her need to always see what lies over the next horizon.

Lothiriel Súrion

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