Exodus through the eyes of an elf.

While wandering about outside the city of Alm the she-elf spys a small boat pulling into the harbor. She thought nothing of it at the time. As she meandered through the town she beheld a dwarf with his beard and hair painted green followed by a huge male human. They were leaving a tavern. The man it seemed was recruting for a mission, though a mission for what she had no idea. A local blacksmith was offered a place with him and quickly laid down his anvil and joined, much to the chagrin of his wife. The wife looking on in confusion as her black skinned mate made little attempt to sate her questions. The she-elf continued following for a while before losing sight of them. Unworried, she decided to seek out Hughes, whom she had heard speak a few days hence.

She found Bradford on a large craft at the harbor. The ship was to sail immediatly for the window of opportunaty would soon close. Opportunity for what you ask? To sail away from the island and get through the storms and barriers that have foiled any attempt at exploring beyond thier little home. In this the she elf determined to be on this ship when it left. Be careful what you wish for as they say. Soon thereafter a man rides his pony onto the ship and declares he is joining the mission. Then the big lout she had been following before tells her to get off his ship, deeply offended she turns to go and a big ox of a women clubs her over the head and stuffs her in a bag. The ship sets off with the brute, a black smith, an insane woman , a swordsmen and his pony, a dwarf who wishes to be druid(hence the green hair) his drunken brother, and an elf in a bag.



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